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traditional math

The Education and Human Resources Dept (EHR) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) has been granting millions of dollars to beef up math education in the US. In the early 90’s they gave grants to entities to create math programs/textbooks that parents have been protesting for years:  Everyday Math; Investigations in Number, Data and Space, Connected Math Program,  Core-Plus Math (an integrated math program for high school) and other educational atrocities.

They continue pumping money into the education machine–universities and school districts–to ensure that the latest fads/trends in education (STEM) stay true to the educational party line and ultimately in your children’s schools.

Their latest gift is $2.8 million to the University of Houston’s education school  The grant covers new courses in the ed school as part of a masters program whose title tells much of the story:  “Enhancing STEM Teacher Leadership Through Equity and Advocacy Development in Houston”


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