Principal Gladhand Verbatim, Dept.

traditional math

I regularly read Principal Gladhand’s weekly missives on how great his school is. There’s something that bugs me about his missives, but there’s nothing distinct that I can point to. I think it’s the unspoken but ever present undertone of “Look at me and how great I am” .  I’m interested in your reactions and interpretations, so will be posting these regularly.  Here’s the latest one.

Many of our students participated in the 17-minute walkout on Wednesday, March 14, and many of our students didn’t. To me, this tells me students felt respected for whatever they chose to do that day and students were comfortable expressing themselves by walking out, or by remaining in their class.
For the students who did walk out, they were amazing. In the quad, we had set out markers and butcher paper with the title “17 things you can do to change the world” written at the top. Students filled…

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