Martin Levine: Venture Philanthropists, Disruption, and Collateral Damage (Students and Teachers)

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is an excellent article about the heedlessness of the people who work in the intersection of philanthropy and capitalism.

They believe in disruption. Anything that has not yet been disrupted is ripe for disruption. If your life and your profession get tossed aside, that’s okay because you are “collateral damage.” The author, Martin Levine, calls this the “broken crockery” approach of the new philanthropy.

Read this. You will be astonished by the arrogance of the views expressed. They are people looking at the world from an executive suite high up in the stratosphere. Children and teachers look like ants to them. They are seeing like a state, moving around the lives of the little people below with utter disregard.

”As a new generation of wealthy corporate leaders turns from their businesses to solving the societal and global problems they see around them, they are fundamentally challenging the role…

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