John Merrow Questions Rick Hess’s Belated Discovery of the Failure of Reform in D.C.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, John Merrow questioned Rick Hess’s anguished post about the failure of reform in D.C. under Michelle Rhee and her deputy Kaya Henderson. Hess admitted that “reformers” circled the wagons and refused to listen to naysayers, but he blamed the naysayers for being critical of the fraud and the coverup.

John Merrow spent many hours covering Michelle Rhee as the PBS education correspondent, and it was only at the end of her reign of error that the scales fell from his eyes. But fall they did, and he has since documented the depth of the flimflam that Rhee, Henderson, and their enablers perpetrated.

When Merrow read Hess’ apologia, he reached for the phone to question Rick, but Rick was on a national speaking tour. 

The phone at the American Enterprise Institute was answered, Merrow said, by a woman with a French accent.

“I told the young…

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