The “Learning Engineer” of the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

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A reader recently noted that the multi-billion dollar Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative had hired Dr. Bror Saxberg to lead their efforts “to improve and accelerate the use of learning science and ‘learning engineering.” Before joining the CZI in 2017, Saxberg was “Chief Learning Officer” at the for-profit Online Kaplan “University,” where he worked for eight years. Before that, he was “Chief Learning Officer” for nine years at Michael Milken’s for-profit virtual charter chain K12 Inc., which is notorious for high atttrition and poor results. He also co-authored a book with Rick Hess of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. The announcement said that he is “widely known through education for his work on the science of learning,” but I confess I never heard of him until now.

What is a “learning engineer?” Let Bror Saxberg explain it. 

Read the article to understand. Here is a nugget.

“We need learning engineers. By this phrase…

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