NCSM/NCTM Annual Conf, Dept.

traditional math

Every year the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has its annual conference, complete with celeb speakers, vendor booths, instructional seminars, and the usual array of topics that pass for effective practices.

From what I hear from a friend who teaches high school math, this year’s was no different.  Her report follows below:

I signed up for a pre-conference workshop on teaching math for social justice.  They made the accusation that colleges of education exacerbate the problem of achievement gap for minorities.  I asked an ed-school professor (maybe from Connecticut) what her school did to alleviate this problem.  Her answer sounded awfully general, so I asked her to give me one, explicit example of a topic they teach that would work toward alleviating social injustice in schools. Her example was that, oh, you can teach students that a comma can mean the same thing as a decimal point in other countries…

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