Charter School Unions Make It Hard to “Fully Control the Teachers.”

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The 74 co-founder Romy Drucker is in an uproar over teachers at charter schools choosing to unionize.

You might remember Drucker’s The 74 fellow co-founder, Campbell Brown, as founder of fabricated grass roots Partnership for Educational Justice, an organization that seeks parents fronts in order to create lawsuits against issues such as teacher due process.

As for the Drucker fit over charter teacher unions, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Charter school teachers were supposed to be at the complete mercy of the CEOs of their schools. They were to be at-will employees who could be fired without due process, who have no say over their workload, or the number of students in their classes, or the length of their work day, or whether they would have a moment to themselves for eating lunch.

If charter school teachers were valued by their employers, then it seems that their contentment would preclude…

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