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traditional math

I have
written a number of entries regarding “understanding” in math. I have discussed
various misunderstandings about understanding in math. There are two statements I haven’t addressed,
which for me raise many questions.

I have heard
many people express the thought that “Calculation is the price we used to have
to pay to do math. It’s no longer the case. What we need to learn is the mathematical

And often on
the heels of this statement I will be told that they had done well in math all
through elementary school, but when they got to algebra in high school they hit
a wall. Or, similarly, they did great in
high school, and hit a wall with calculus.

There is
much information that we do not have from such statements.

  • Was the education they received
    really devoid of any kind of understanding and all rote?
  • Are there people who…

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