Principal Gladhand, Dept: Coexistence in The Land of Oz and Kansas

traditional math

With the Common Core annual testing coming up in California, Principal Gladhand’s weekly missive to parents brings good tidings about how his school is dealing with it.

He starts with the age-old premise that tests don’t matter:

We work hard to ensure our students are learning not because we want them to do well on any given test, but because the learning is important. We don’t
work to “teach to the test” or take excessive practice tests to “get our students used to” taking standardized tests. This isn’t teaching for mastery, it’s just teaching about testing.”

He goes on to boast how at his school, a formative assessment approach is used, so that tests don’t really matter. And in so doing, he can’t resist taking a swipe at memorization. And who can blame him when the edu-world around him feels that in this digital age, we can just Google information…

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