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[NB The copy paste from the thread unroll resulted in a mutilated wordpress text, leaving out a number of pictured text fragments.  I have repaired the text now.  My excuses. ]

E.D. Hirsch, Jr., delivered a keynote at Making Shift Happen 2018, in Amsterdam (no, not online). In his books, Hirsch evaded the question of nature/nature in intelligence. Surprisingly, now his keynote centered on the idea of the ‘blank slate’ originating with John Locke. 1/..

Also know as ‘tabula rasa’, or ‘white paper’. On (the reception of) Locke’s idea of education and the blank slate, see Margaret J. M. Ezell (1983). ‘John Locke’s Images of Childhood’ There’s more to it than the word ‘blank’ suggests. 2/..
Of course, nowadays ‘The Blank Slate’ is the 2002 book by Steven Pinker on the subject. An essay by Pinker, using material of the book:… I haven’t read the book…

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