MVP Math Chooses to Sue NC Parent, Apparently Expects to Recover Reputation

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

When I read the term, MVP, my first thought is “most valuable player.”

Well, this MVP might want to be that most valuable player, but this MVP (which stands for Mathematics Vision Project, LLC, a Utah limited liability company “active as of 03/17/2016”, has apparently suffered enough at the hands of a single North Carolina parent enough to sue the parent, Blaine Dillard.

Dillard is displeased with MVP and has a blog, a website, and a Facebook group focused on criticizing MVP as the Wake County, NC, math program.

Apparently, Dillard is so powerful that he is affecting profits to such a degree that MVP apparently felt compelled to sue. From MVP’s July 25, 2019, suit against Dillard, “an individual”:

The publication and/or public speaking of [Dillard’s aforementioned] statements harmed MVP. Part of MVP’s business involves submitting proposals for education-related contracts with private schools, public schools…

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