A Great Minds (Common Core, Inc.) History: Eureka Math, Wit & Wisdom, and More.

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On October 03, 2019, I had a request on my blog from a commenter who asked if I “could do an investigation on this Wit & Wisdom curriculum we’re being forced to use.” In this case, “we” refers to Louisiana teachers. (The Louisiana Department of Education has a contract for Wit & Wisdom, effective 07/01/16 – 06/30/22.)

This is an extensive dive. Do make yourself comfortable.

Wit & Wisdom is a curricular product of Great Minds, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit that also operates an LLC (limited liability company) (see”great minds” using this DC business license search engine). Great Minds also owns Eureka Math.

On its website, Great Minds identifies itself as a nonprofit founded in 2008. Here is the their “about” spiel:


A group of education leaders founded the non-profit Great Minds in 2008 to define and encourage content-rich comprehensive education for all American…

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