NOLA Admin’s Book-Cooking, “Fix Your Gradebook” Email: More Teacher Responses

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On October 26, 2019, I posted a piece entitled, “NOLA School Admin’s Book-Cooking, ‘Fix Your Gradebook’ Email.”

That post concerned an email sent by New Orleans-based Abramson Sci Academy’s assistant principal, Whitney, Omosefe, telling a number of teachers that they needed to perform some last-minute adjustments in order to reshape the distribution of their grades in order to produce a distribution favorable to B’s and virtually devoid of D’s and F’s.

From Omosefe’s email, entitled, “Fix Your Gradebook” and dated October 03, 2019:

Because the quarter is almost over, I’m taking a close look at gradebook averages to ensure that teachers remember and meet their gradebook goals. The goal is that 25% of scholars in your course should have an A, 40% should have a B, 25% should have a C, and <10% should have a D/F.

In my original post, I mentioed submitting a public records request to Abramson…

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