Eli Broad Pays $100M to Move His Ed-Reform-Producing “Broad Center” from LA to Yale

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Eli Broad is one of the chief billionaires pushing education reform.

In 2017, Broad “inserted himself” in the Los Angeles School Board race via the largest contribution to an individual candidate– $100K. Two years earlier, in 2015, Broad was caught planning an “initiative” to put half of LA’s students in charter schools over an eight-year period. (The plan was leaked to the New York Times.)

One year prior to that– 2014– Broad approached US ed sec Arne Duncan’s speech writer, Peter Cunningham, about creating a billionaire-funded, ed-reform blog to defend ed reformers against “being piled on” by non-funded, grass-roots-emergent, pro-traditional-public-ed bloggers. (Sad but true.)

And in 2011, Broad donated $25M to help make the teacher-temp org, Teach for America (TFA), a permanent training program for those temp teachers. (Ironic to work to make TFA permanent so that it could permanently churn out temporary teachers.)

If you want a sense…

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