Following the lead of others, Dept.

traditional math

A blogger who calls herself Quirky Teacher announced that she was finished with Twitter. She gave good reasons, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’m just as tired of Twitter as she is.

Therefore, I too will be closing my account. I find I spend too much time trying to be right, being snarky when others say something that I deem to be 1) wrong, 2) idiotic, or 3) both, and trying to cajole others into ganging up on those whose opinions I find irritating.

I am also tired of the word “nuance” which is the usual rejoinder by those who do not agree with someone’s argument.  I am tired of tweets promoting “smart and thoughtful posts” by edu-pundits and/or journalists who think they have the ultimate scoop on education.

It does have good attributes, but it is one of those precious “conversations” that…

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