New Boss = Old Boss? Or Is CC really going away in FL?

traditional math

Florida is one of a growing number of states claiming to do away with Common Core.  We’ll see whether Florida’s new standards are really different or just a tweaked version of CC as has been the case in other states that claim they’ve jettisoned CC. But the quote below from Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran does sound promising. (From Miami Herald.)

One of the biggest changes could be the way students learn math. The previous, Common Core-based standards, emphasized understanding the logic behind math equations. Corcoran on Friday said math should go back to the basics of arriving at the answer to form a stronger foundation.

“When you’re trying to remember what’s four times four, and you have to think about it and it’s not automatic, you’re never going to be able to conquer algebra and all those other courses,” he said.

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