Say it enough times and people believe it, Dept.

traditional math

In this time of distance teaching and learning, the tropes about traditional teaching:bad and progressive teaching: good are flourishing. This article (in the preciously named “The Conversation” no less) is no exception.

Some snippets:

Traditional modes of instruction have emphasized that math is best learned throughstudying and memorizing alone, with the teacher demonstrating procedures and then checking students’ answers.

This is news to me. I teach in the traditional manner as do many people I work with, and I don’t recall that the emphasis is studying and memorizing alone. Yes there is memorization and yes there is homework. There is also discussion in the classroom and analysis of mistakes which this article assumes does not happen with traditional teachers. The quoted passage even links to an article by Deb Ball, former dean of the ed school at U of Michigan who speaks to the ed-school party line.

Gone are the…

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