No Need to “Imagine”: Bill Gates Interferes with Education.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

On May 05, 2020, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced vague plans to work with billionaire education interference, Bill Gates, to “reimagine” education. From the Daily Gazette:

“It’s not just about reopening schools,” Cuomo said Tuesday. “When we are reopening schools, let’s open a better school and let’s open a smarter education system.”

Cuomo said the state would work with the Gates Foundation “to convene experts and develop a blueprint to reimagine education in the new normal,” but didn’t specify how that process would work or who would be involved.

Cuomo decided not to turn to his own state ed department, which is doing what a state ed department should in the face of this crisis, forming its own task force to be comprised of local stakeholders.

Bill Gates is no local stakeholder. Bill Gates is a an unaffected purse who is able to shrug off as unpleasant and disappointing…

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