**GUEST BLOG** Pre-Teaching: What and How?

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Kristel Vanhoyweghen and Tim Surma / Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

In these times of distance learning teachers are pre-teaching new content. But what is pre-teaching exactly? We first look at the theoretical concept and then discuss how to put it into practice.

What is pre-teaching?

Pre-teaching is an instructional strategy that involves teaching students concepts or skills before the actual class takes place. The aim is to activate and structure essential prior knowledge. Pre-teaching is usually used with specific target groups in remedial education and allows them to for example read through a text, answer questions or study vocabulary before class. It prepares them for ‘the real deal’. The current situation is different since pre-teaching is now used for all students, not just specific target groups. In reality, distance learning through pre-teaching will resemble more familiar instructional approaches like flipping the classroom. The most important thing to…

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