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Just received a message at my school email address from someone claiming to be the Head of Deeper Learning at some outfit called Thrively.

She stated: “Over the past few months, the ability of independent schools to deliver a personalized, strengths-based, academically rigorous and deeply engaging remote education has become critical to their mission.”

Uh, “strengths-based”? That’s one I’ll have to add to the ever-growing list of things that are “based”.

She went on:

“In preparation for the unknown parameters of Fall, many schools are considering 3-tiered plans: remote learning, traditional school, and a hybrid of remote/physical models while addressing:

  • Social-emotional health of our students and families
  • Student engagement and personalized, differentiated instruction
  • Making learning deeper and more meaningful for our students”

Then she gets to the point:

“Please connect me with your principal so that we can explore how Thrively can support your work. Here is my calendar (link…

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