I Have Met the Enemy, and It Is iPhone

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

With the advent of coronavirus-induced, hybrid instruction, I find myself not only having to learn how to teach using Google Classroom to deliver lessons but also having to learn how to combat a higher level of cheating enabled by the wedding between Google Classroom and the iPhone in my students’ hands.

My lesson this week: The iPhone enables screenshots of my out-of-class, Google Classroom quizzes to be shared among my students.

For my Google Classroom quizzes, I usually disable the options for students to immediately see their final grade upon submitting an assignment and also to view correct answers for each question after submitting work. Well, last week, I forgot to disable these features on one quiz, and a handful of my students were able to see the answer key, so to speak, once they submitted their assignments. I found this out because one sent me a message asking to…

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