Profiles In (Dis)Courage(ment)


Number of students at DCPS and DC charter schools whose assessments were analyzed by a recent private study that determined there is terrible learning loss among DC students in remote instruction: About 30,000

Total number of DC public school students: More than 90,000

Number of charter schools participating in the study: 12

Total number of DC charter LEAs: 62

Enumerations in the study of students’ problems with internet connectivity, availability of tech devices, and/or their repair and use:…

Estimated number of DC students without one or more of those things during remote instruction: Unknown, but exceeding 30,000 in DCPS alone (based on distribution of laptops)

Number of committees currently on the DC Council: 12

Number of committees dedicated to education: 1

Number of committees on the DC Council starting in 2021: 10

Number of committees dedicated to education:…

Ratio of taxpayer funds for DC’s publicly funded schools to DC’s total…

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