Dartmouth Blindsides Med Students with Shaky Cheating *Evidence*

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

One of my concerns in teaching senior English is that students will cheat on major assignments.

The increasing usage of online technology in my classroom has done little to quell this concern. In my case, I had reason to suspect that an adult completed an online test for one of my students, who then possibly shared those results with friends who also scored suspicious-fabulously. As much as I was miffed, I did not have evidence solid enough to pursue any serious course of action against any individual student. Therefore, I threw out the test and required my students from then on to complete major online assignments during class time, and in class, whenever possible. (Those in quarantine had to log in during class time or during a preset window to complete the assignment, often using Google Meet so that I might monitor the situation.)

The prospect of students cheating on…

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