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In my Louisiana district, teachers return to school tomorrow (08/03) to begin the 2021-22 school year, and students return Friday (08/06).

Today, our governor reinstituted a mask order. (“Do you give a damn?”)

I had so hoped for a normal beginning of our school year.

I bought new lipstick to complement the heels and stylish, professional dress that I missed last year due to my choosing to dress down given the constant cleaning I had to effect for every new set of students.

Now we’re back in masks. Why?

The short answer is that you can lead the vaccine-resistant to Walgreen’s, but you can’t make ’em choose the shot.

So incredibly frustrating.

Wearing a mask is one thing. Returning to wearing a mask because It’s America and I Have Rights to Enable Delta to Run Rampant is ((censored)).

The blindside brought me the closest that I have been thus far…

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