Traditional Math (3): Scope and Sequence of Topics for Seventh Grade Math

traditional math

This is part 3 of a series that will eventually be a book by the same name as this blog. While this is labeled Part 3, it will likely occur much later in the book, after presentation of topics for lower grades (K-6).

The math textbooks in use today have a dearth of good explanations, as well as word problems. Examples usually take the place of any kind of extended explanation, and while explicit instruction relies on worked examples, a textbook should have some additional explanation to go along with them. Indeed, the explanations provided in the teachers’ manuals for these books are instructive and should be included in the students’ textbooks as well.  In addition, today’s textbooks generally include too many topics in one lesson, and the problems at the end of the lesson sometimes go beyond what was discussed in the lesson itself.

Compounding these difficulties are…

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