My Day at Ed Camp

traditional math

Originally appeared in Education News , Nov, 2015; and is included in “Math Education in the U.S”

I attended an “Ed Camp” recently. This is one of many types of non-professional development and informal gatherings whereteachers talk about various education-related topics. The camp I attended was free of charge and took place at a charter school that prided itself on a student-centered approach to learning. In keeping with the school’s focus, the camp also took a student-centered approach which it boasted about in its announcement, calling the event an “unconference”. It stated that the Ed Camp “is not your traditional educational conference; sessions will be created by attendees.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Participants wrote ideas for sessions on Post-It notes which were placed on a whiteboard. The conference organizers then put the Post-It notes in categories that formed various sessions which were then led by whomever wanted to…

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