La. Student Assaults Teacher; Others Film, Post to Social Media. All Are Arrested.

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On Wednesday, October 07, 2021, a Louisiana high school student repeatedly punched a disabled teacher as two other students were involved in filming and/or later publicizing the event.

That same day, October 07, 2021, 18-year-old Larrianna Jackson was arrested and charged with the felony of battery of a school teacher.

Larrianna Jackson Inmate Info

The video her accomplices filmed provided the evidence, not only for Jackson’s arrest, but for theirs, as well. On October 08, 2021, 18-year-old Trinity Gervais and a minor-aged student were also arrested, as KACT reports, “for allegedly filming a student attacking a teacher.”

But the enticement to publicize the filming of crimical activity assisted the police quite handily. All who are tempted to break the law for those few moments of social media fame should remember that their foolishness entails posting evidence against themselves.

According to WWLTV, “Both students were charged with unlawful posting…

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