Oxford, MI, School Shooting: Parents Damn Well Should be Charged.

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I often find myself constructing scenarios in my head in which I am strategizing on how I would protect my students– especially how I would help them successfully escape from my classroom– if a shooter were on our campus. I doubt that I am alone in such mental tasks concerning this grievous state of gun violence in American K12 education.

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, I was saddened but not surprised to hear yet another school shooting in the news, this time in Oxford, Michigan.

I cannot reconcile how the simultaneous political messaging for gun rights and parental rights includes no attached, substantial push for the reality that with rights come responsibility.

Parental rights, parental responsibility. Gun rights, gun responsibility.

Rightwing-funded Moms for Liberty but no attendant Moms for Responsibility.

Michigan billionaire and former US ed secretary Betsy DeVos loves to parrot the message that “parents know what is best…

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