“Right-sizing” All-Charter New Orleans Schools

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

New Orleans does not have enough K12 students to support all of its schools, which happen to be all charter schools. As a result, it seems that this charter-portfolio district will be undergoing a downsizing/restructuring, the initial plans for which will be revealed “in the coming weeks,” as Marta Jewson of the December 29, 2021, Lens reports.

Jewson notes that over 3,000 seats are currently not filled (47,000 students and 50,000 seats.)

The euphemistic term for potentially closing or consolidating some of New Orleans’ underenrolled charter schools is apparently “right-sizing.”

Jewson reports that having too few students affects a school’s ability to maintain facilities. This problem is old news for traditional school systems that lose per-pupil student funding when competing charter schools pop up in their districts. In the case of all-charter New Orleans, the competition for New Orleans’ too-few students is all charter-to-charter and has KIPP New Orleans…

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