Virginia Parent’s “Guns” Comment at Board Meeting Elicits Police Involvement

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If you plan to speak your mind at a school board meeting and you know that speaking off of the top of your head is a poor decision for you, don’t ignore your own wisdom. (And maybe don’t publicize pictures of yourself sporting hefty firearms.)

If your time is limited, speak efficiently, on point– and without language that consitutes a Class 1 misemeanor.

On Thursday, January 20, 2022, the Page County (Virginia) School Board held a meeting to consider mitigation strategies for its schools in the wake of COVID-19. Up for consideration was whether to make student mask-wearing mandatory or not. In the end, the board voted to make mask wearing voluntary.

During the public comment period, parent Amelia King made her postition against mandatory masking eventually clear, ending her ramble with an omnious “See you Monday” after saying she would show up with “guns loaded” if the board voted…

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