MGT Consulting and Somerset Academy: A Florida Case Study in Ed Reform Working for Itself.

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In the midst of corona-corona, so much shadiness continues to transpire in the world of public education money making. With the coronavirus pandemic, federal dollars for schools sure provide quite the lure to ed profiteers.

Consider the following news that broke in January 2022 concerning the steering of Florida’s federal coronavirus dollars toward the private consulting firm of a former Florida politician:

In February 2015, former member of the Florida House of Representatives, Trey Traviesa, created the Tampa-based limited liability company, MGT of America Consulting LLC, for which he is listed as “MGR, CEO and PRES.” (Documents can be found by typing “mgt of america” in the Florida LLC search engine.)

According to the MGT website, one of its “capabilities” is in providing “education solutions,” such as “large scale turnaround.”

Apparently, another of its capabilities is in having the inside track at a proposed $2.5M contract to…

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