National Parents Union and What Billionaire-Backed Ed Reformers Do.

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National Parents Union (NPU) purports to “channel the power of parents” and “define the education conversation” even as it withholds from those parents the details about who, exactly, is funding all of its *channeling* and *defining.*

And even though NPU presents itself as “a network of… parent organizations and grassroots activists,” NPU is a distinct entity on file with the Massachusetts secretary of state as National Parents Union, Inc., and holds its own nonprofit designation with the IRS. Moreover, NPU is the direct offspring of another Massachusetts business entity/nonprofit, Massachusetts Parents United, Inc.

NPU was organized in Massachusetts on April 08, 2019 (MA ID 001377728; seach engine here) and received IRS tax exempt status the same day (EIN 83-4333274). Its predecessor (still in existence), Massachusetts Parents United, Inc. (MA ID 001270959), was organized on April 25, 2017, and shares with NPU two key individuals, Keri Rodrigues (listed as president…

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