Ohio Legislature Votes to Allow Guns in Its Classrooms

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On June 03, 2022, the Ohio legislature passed a teacher-carry bill that is headed to Governor DeWine’s desk. DeWine says he will sign it into law.

Teachers and other staff can apply to become among those “to voluntarily go armed within a school safety zone.”

It seems that school districts can choose to have armed personnel. If a district chooses to have armed teachers or staff, the district must “notify the public” that it “has authorized one or more persons to go armed within a school,” which includes notifying parents.

Details are part of this greater bill. Included is the establishment of the “Ohio mobile training team,” part of the department of public safety. The purpose of this team will be “to provide services to public and nonpublic schools regarding school safety and security,” including “offering training opportunities for school employees, including… providing weapons manipulation instruction.” More details:

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