Bulletproof Student Desks

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I watched a brief video of students participating in an active shooter drill in which they turned their desks sideways to scrunch behind (head still showing) and held their textbooks (hands and arms exposed) over their faces.


So, I googled, “bulletproof student desk” to see what I found. No one can argue that there is a market for such an item in These United States.

Sure enough, I found several sites, beginning with this one, for Indianapolis-based Creative Industries, which offers Bulletproof Furniture for Schools.

I give you the Bulletproof School Desk:

From the ad:

Facing the Reality of School Shootings

As every parent surely knows, the tragedy of school shootings is an all-too-common occurrence in today’s world. Even one such incident is too many but think about another number: 312. There have been 312 school shootings in the United States since 2013. (Schneider’s note: 2021 copyright date…

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