A new year, a new begin

3-Star learning experiences

Gert Verbrugghen and Paul A. Kirschner

This blog was originally published on https://excel.thomasmore.be/2022/08/de-gouden-weken/

And off we go! A new school year is about to start for both students AND teachers. For novice teachers this is often a nerve-wracking moment, because it suddenly hits them: “What if they don’t listen to me?”. But they’re not the only ones. Quite a lot of experienced teachers also have, to a certain degree healthy, or even unhealthy stress when they start a new school year.

As a teacher and (student mentor), I’ll try to help you to get off to a good start this year. And even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you planned it, you can still use the tips in this blog to make a good start the very next day.

May Tulips in My Garden / Happy Flower's Day !
Swetlana Hasenjäger under Creative Commons License

Take care of your garden

This blog will try to kill two…

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