Man Without Test Score Thinks Critically, Helps Stranded Motorist

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

My starter is going out on my car. When electrical parts are on the way out, the exact moment at which they will finally fail is a crap shoot. I have an appointment to have the part replaced, but not for a few days. I care for my mother on weekends, and since my car started on Saturday morning, I took the hour-plus drive to her home to help her, happy to know if my car failed to start when I tried to leave that she would have been cared for and ready to face another week.

I planned my weekend and early week so that I only needed my car to start once more– just once more– and that upon leaving my mother’s house on Saturday.

Well. After numerous tries, I could not get it to start. The starter would frequently engage, but just shy of getting the engine…

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