What it takes to drive effective design for complex skills in the workplace (The practice)

3-Star learning experiences

Mirjam Neelen

On Monday, in ‘the theory’ part of this blog, I discussed what complex skills are and what it takes to design effectively for them.

To reiterate, the reason why the discussion around complex skills is important in my opinion, is because when we talk about ‘upskilling’ and/or ‘reskilling’ in organisations, both ‘business stakeholders’ and L&D people often overlook and/or misunderstand what a skill – in particular a complex skill – really is, what it takes for people (‘learners’) to develop them, and as a consequence, what it means to design learning interventions for them that are effective, efficient, and enjoyable. What I mean by that in this case, is that learners can and will transfer what they learned to their job and apply it in a competent and flexible way.

At the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum conference, we had a discussion as a group where we tried…

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