Deciding what makes a learning project complex, is quite complex

3-Star learning experiences

Mirjam Neelen

I’m working on a project to get to a mutual agreed LXD Process (at a global level) for learning projects that require a learning consultant. A question that came out of the project is: What type of learning projects require a learning consultant? One of the answers was that a learning consultant is required if it is a ‘complex learning project.’ This led to a discussion around ‘what makes a learning project complex?’

When I hear ‘complex learning project’, I think about complex skills. But I was pretty sure that wasn’t what my peers meant when they said ‘complex learning project’, so I decided to reach out to my network on LinkedIn to get some input:

Some people suggested that we should distinguish between ‘complicated’ (a lot of moving yet consistent parts, such as stakeholders, diverse audiences, multiple requirements, multiple technologies that need to be integrated, and so…

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