ChatGPT: Enabling Students to Cheat Themselves Out of Authentic Learning

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

When I started teaching high-school-level senior English six years ago, I quickly learned that I was going to have to devise both assignments and grading criteria that would withstand the sophistication and ease with which computer technology enables my students to cheat on my assignments– and cheat themselves out of authentic learning experiences.

I learned, for example, that the objectives of utilizing the internet for research needed to be separated from my tests because students were taking my test items and having Quizlet (a site that is supposed to assist teachers in constructing quizzes) answer the items for them in real time during my tests.

Of course, the immediate giveaway was the sudden rise in brain trusts speedily– and perfectly– completing my tests.

So, no more unlocked Chromebooks during my tests, and to be sure no other, unlocked devices are used to dodge the locked Chromebooks, tests are to be…

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