How many strikes do they need?

3-Star learning experiences

I recently received this email out of the blue from a math teacher in California. I think that it’s really important that others read what he comes up against trying to give teach math to his fourth-grade students so I asked the sender if I could put it – anonymized – in a short blog. The sender agreed.

Dear Dr. Kirschner,

This is XXXXX, fourth-grade teacher in XXXXXXXXX, California.

I read HLH and HTH and listened to the recent Chalk and Talk podcast interview. Armed with my new knowledge, I’ve started to look at things critically and ask questions.

I’m not the only teacher enlightened by your work and likely not the first one to begin to look at education differently as a result, so I’m sorry to report that it’s not going well.

Basically, my district-adopted math curriculum (iReady k-5 classroom mathematics) doesn’t appear to have many aspects from…

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One thought on “How many strikes do they need?

  1. Implementing a curriculum is critical, and training and retraining are also essential. There is NO Direct Instruction training at UNIVERSITY. This is because teachers are trained in dreamy-eyed college classrooms to believe they are the masters and can create their CURRICULUM!

    Teachers whose eyes are opened and know what works will do what I did, SNEAK in a curriculum that works and use it instead of the garbage bought by the districts. I did this because I was BLAMED when the curriculum THEY chose didn’t work, so I covered myself by using a GOOD SOLID CURRICULUM, and they could say nothing because my test scores always surpassed in the school. Further, the parents in the community knew I taught properly and supported me and fought the principal when he asked me to use their nonsense.

    If anyone thinks for one minute that vetting a GOOD curriculum and using it is a waste of time, they are off the wall and have never taught in the INNER CITY, as I did in NEW YORK CITY.
    Here you go, HUGH! My credentials are SUCCESS and, of course, AWARDS!


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