Penny Schwinn Resigns as TN Ed Commissioner

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On May 01, 2023, the 74 first reported that controversial Tennessee ed commissioner, Penny Schwinn, has announced her resignation effective June 01, 2023.

Penny Schwinn

According to the 74, Schwinn “declined to say what she will be doing next.” So, like other ed-reformers who began with corporate-reform, teacher-temp Teach for America (TFA) and were jettisoned to high-level ed-leadership positions, including Michelle Rhee (DC) and John White (LA)— and like Hanna Skandera (NM), state chief who lacked even TFA-like, token classroom experience and was finally confirmed after four years– Schwinn is not leaving because she is headed to another position so much as she is leaving from a top position following a tenure riddled with controversy.

The storm that is Schwinn.

Prior to becoming TN ed commissioner in 2019, Schwinn was chief deputy commissioner of academics for the Texas Education Agency (TEA). In May 2021, I wrote…

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